For World Day Against Child Labor (June 12th) Human Rights Watch and the international Labor Organization focused attention on the plight of domestic workers, very often children, hidden in their employer’s homes.

Simona Broomes, one of the Heroes cited in this year’s Trafficking in Persons Report, wants to use her example to inspire young trafficking victims to fight back, and make sure it doesn’t happen to somebody else. “We’re in a global world – it’s a big family, a big team.” “I […]

Ramzy Baroud writes about the connection between consumerism and middle-class/upper-class expectations of wealth and ease and child labor in Arab News. See on – The Same Heart – Child Labor Don’t let child labor become a tradition Arab News Browsing through the text of ILO’s fundamental child labor conventions […]

Nearly one in six children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labor around the world, over 215 million children. Of this total, a staggering 115 million are engaged in illegal hazardous work that threatens their health, safety, morals and violates their basic human dignity. Ending the economic exploitation of children […]

I came upon this excellent article by journalist James Rupert, Afghanistan’s Miracle School Struggles to Survive Among the Wealthy (full disclosure: Jim is an old college friend of mine). It got me thinking about the ethical difficulties attendant upon much of humanitarian aid as currently practised by the United States. […]

See on – The Same Heart – Child Labor Today slavery, forced labor, and hazardous child labor still exist in some West African nations, which produce three-quarters of the world’s cacao, Martin told her students. When it came time to taste the chocolate, Martin … See on