IRIN News has a story on the global success of cash transfers in getting children to school and keeping them there. Small infusions of cash are very effective in supporting child nutrition and education. Pace the Tea Party, but hungry people tend to spend every penny on essentials. Simple, scalable, […]

The Syrian refugee crisis has displaced over two million people. More than half of Syria’s population needs food aid. Snow is falling on tent cities in Lebanon, and pleas for increased humanitarian assistance are at a record high…not surprising, in view of the fact that funding appeals this year netted […]

See on – The Same Heart – Financial Transaction Tax EU commissioner insists ‘Robin Hood’ tax legal GlobalPost The European Commission on Tuesday sharply rejected suggestions that a controversial Financial Transactions Tax, championed as a way of making the banks pay for their past… See on

Setting the agenda beyond 2015. See on – The Same Heart – Millennium Development Goals UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is mobilizing global action around the great challenge of our time: sustainable development. It is a call that the world must heed. See on

  The European Parliament continues to pursue a financial transactions tax, making it harder to evade and protecting pension funds. See on – The Same Heart – Financial Transaction Tax BBC News Financial Transaction Tax: MEPs push wide scope and attention to pension funds EU News The Economic and […]

For World Day Against Child Labor (June 12th) Human Rights Watch and the international Labor Organization focused attention on the plight of domestic workers, very often children, hidden in their employer’s homes.

Women’s health continues to be a battleground in the Philippines…as in the United States. See on – The Same Heart – Child Labor Tom Hundley MANILA—In what is expected to mark a pivotal moment in this rapidly developing but still impoverished nation, the Supreme Court of the Philippines will […]