Let’s Get it Done!

THE SAME HEART  has raised over $8500 in two weeks time!

Visit Indiegogo to discover an elegantly simple way to lift a billion children out of poverty….one transaction at a time. You can view the progress of our campaign at this link….visit THE SAME HEART Campaign

Join the Same Heart and Speak Up for Children

Some filmmakers dream of festivals – we want our films to screen at The World Bank (and they have!!).

We are particularly proud that our films have been screened for policy makers in Washington, D.C. and at various child labor conferences around the world. In the ten years since beginning STOLEN CHILDHOODS, we’ve seen the issue of child labor moved front and center in the global debate. With THE SAME HEART, we mean to do the same for child poverty.

Children don’t have high-priced lobbyists working for them. They have us, and we have THE SAME HEART.

We are Len and Georgia Morris, and for the last decade, working with a small team of committed friends, we have been producing a documentary trilogy about children’s human rights.

In 2005, we reported on child labor with STOLEN CHILDHOODS. IN 2009, we felt the fear and hope of children living on the streets in RESCUING EMMANUEL. Today, we are asking you to join us with THE SAME HEART, a film that speaks to the impact of poverty on children at home and around the world.

Each year, 9 million children die of wholly preventable causes like hunger and disease, while less than half of all pledged aid that could help them is actually delivered. But a powerful new idea is brewing that could save millions of children’s lives…an idea we’ve put at the center of THE SAME HEART. It’s called the Robin Hood Tax.

What if every time a financial transaction is completed around the world, a tiny tax (one tenth of one percent) were levied on banks and deposited into a fund to provide food and medicine for needy children? It’s an elegantly simple way to lift a billion children out of poverty…one transaction at a time.

Change the world – FAST!

With a predictable flow of funds from the Robin Hood Tax, the world could undergo historic changes.

  • Saving half a million babies who die each year from HIV/AIDS  by providing drugs  through UNAIDS.
  • Expanding the World Food Program’s school lunch program from 23 million to 66 million children a day
  • Helping UNESCO educate the 71 million children who still have never set foot in a classroom, especially young girls.

In other words, your contribution to this film can help make chronic poverty a thing of the past. It’s just that important.

We’re So Close!

Over the past six years we’ve raised and invested over $400,000 in this film. THE SAME HEART is completely shot, we just need three months to edit the film and a month for post. Our credit cards are groaning and we need your help. The European Union is moving forward to tax financial transactions in 11 EU countries; the debate on whether the US and the UK may do the same is heating up. The time to get this film out is now.
$30,000 keeps the lights on and gets the film edited. Another $15,000 will fund a sound mix and video post in Hi Def.  If thanks to your support we exceed our goal, we will be able to produce a glorious soundtrack and get started on distribution.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute money, you can help us get the word out: Tell your friends on Facebook, re-tweet updates on the film and use the handy dandy IndieGoGo sharing tools. Every bit of exposure helps! Thank you!

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    Justice for All
  • The Same Heart – HIV and Children
    The Same Heart – HIV and Children
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    The Same Heart – Director’s Statement

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