A community organizer for Médecins Sans Frontières walks the streets of Kibera, one of the worst slums on earth, to bring medicine and hope to desperately ill people…a widowed father of eight supports his family on less than a dollar a day…Nyumbani orphan village where grandmothers raise their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS…school lunch at the Millennium Village of Sauri…

these are the stories from The Same Heart

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  • Life on a Dollar a Day
    Life on a Dollar a Day
    Widowed with seven children...
  • Baby Ivy – Hope for the Future
    Baby Ivy – Hope for the Future
    What are Ivy's chances?
  • Nyumbani Means Home
    Nyumbani Means Home
    ...a unique model of caring for AIDS orphans
  • Strive to Shine
    Strive to Shine
    Lunch leads to learning