The Same Heart – Water

According to UNICEF, approximately 2,000 children die per day from diarrhoeal diseases, due to poor drinking water, lack of sanitation and poor hygiene. 785 million people still lack access to clean water.

In the least developed countries, less than 11% of the population has piped water supplies (urban) and in the countryside less than 3% have piped water.  Over a billion people rely on boreholes with hand-pumps while 1 in 10 use surface water, however polluted.  Investment in hygiene promotion, sanitation and water service are among the most cost-effective ways of reducing child mortality.

The World Bank estimates it will require an additional $30 billion dollars a year to reach the MDG’s for universal access to water and sanitation by 2015.

  • Justice for All
    Justice for All
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    The Same Heart- Child Hunger in the U.S.
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