Official Trailer for The Same Heart

The Same Heart from Media Voices for Children on Vimeo.

Every day, poverty kills over 20,000 kids while less than half the global aid promised is ever given. Changing this will require renewed vision, political will and innovative sources of funding. It will take…The Same Heart.

THE SAME HEART is a film that tackles what it will take to actually end the extreme poverty children live with today. What are the alternatives to our complicated and voluntary aid system where most countries, our own included, deliver less than half the funds we have pledged? What do we need to do differently to help communities and children thrive? We have asked these questions of Nobel Laureates, economists, politicians, activists, child laborers and community organizers.

Watch now on Vimeo On Demand, or organize a screening in your community. $3.99 gets you access to The Same Heart for a week.